How To Choose A Good Dog Food

A healthy animal may not have trouble eating most foods However, if you feed the same food daily for years there is potential for an intolerance to develop, especially if you are feeding a cheap, poor quality commercial pet food Any individual animal can become allergic to any food – a protein source, a fruit, a vegetable. Just a small amount of an offending food could be enough to trigger reactions in some animals. In others, reactions occur simply from constant feeding of the same food Basically, an allergy in all its forms is a reflection of a system starving for higher nutrition and food

Oven-Baked low calorie dog food – The process starts with the meat protein (chicken, lamb, trout, etc.) ground into a very small meal. This small meal is necessary for the mixing of the kibble. Think of trying to mix up a meat loaf without thawing the beef first. It would be impossible; the same is true for mixing a baked kibble. When all ingredients are blended the kibble is baked in “shortbread cookie” (small 2-inch biscuit) form and then broken into smaller, irregular kibble ranging in size from tiny morsels to about ½ inch. Baking temperatures are from 350° to 475°.dog food

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I heard about a gluten free diet. My daughter, Kate, lives with Hashimoto’s Disease and one of the many ailments of the disease is what they call leaky gut. Hashimoto patients are advised to stay away from gluten to help improve their digestion and stomach trouble. At the time, I knew very little about it but now we are pros. Of course, some people also go gluten free for weight loss and overall health but for us, having a gluten free diet is vital to Kate’s food

dog food for puppies

Essentially, natural dog food consists of natural food sources and ingredients that offer your dog a nutritious and delicious meal without preservatives, synthetic chemicals or artificial ingredients. Organic dog food is considered natural as it is comprised of the same types of natural food sources and does not contain any preservatives or synthetic materials. The difference is that the natural food source ingredients used in organic dog food follow USDA standards in being “organic” and have not been exposed to pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics. This absence of artificial and synthetic ingredients leads to a dog food that is wholesome and easier for your dog to food

There are specific foods for different growth levels. Puppy food is for dogs up to a year of age. They will contain more protein and calories that will give them what they need while they are growing and jumping and running. They have a constant need for energy. Because of that, dog food they should be fed at least three times a day, four if they are really on the move. Also, a larger breed puppy, such as Mastiff or Great Dane, would need a food formulated for large breeds. These formulas are specific because they allow the puppy to grow at a normal pace.

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